J. McCoy, born Joshua Michael Nahum McCoy, seemed destined to be a performer
from the moment he was born. With leading roles on PAX TV commercials at the ripe
age of 4, his career as an entertainer was certain. By the age of 8 he was cast in the
lead role of Tupac Shakur’s music video "Thugz Mansion" featuring Nas. That defining
moment is what he accredits as the inspiration to transition into the music industry.
Within just a couple of years, J. McCoy’s fervent desire paid off. At the age of 11 he
secured his first single "Jump" for the Walt Disney Records movie soundtrack "Jump In".
The song quickly became #1 on radio Disney and was certified Gold in just one month,
landing J. McCoy on tour alongside The Jonas Brothers. By age 14

J. McCoy received his first Certified Platinum plaque for his song "Jump" which dubbed
him “The Young Teen Prince of HipHop” being the only rapper since Bow Wow to
receive a Gold and Platinum award at the age of 14.

Currently J McCoy is in rehearsals for an upcoming overseas tour and simultaneously
in negotiations with Legendary record executive Vincent Herbert’s label Streamline/